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  • NxtLite client

    NxtLite client

    Blockchainless NRS Getting started with Nxt and the powerful Nxt NRS Client just got a whole lot eas...

  • Why Nxt?

    Why Nxt?

    There are so many coins out there, why should anyone support Nxt? Here are my thoughts. I discovered...

  • A few upcoming Nxt features explained

    A few upcoming Nxt features explained

    True to form, the NXT Core Developers continue to deliver groundbreaking new features for Nxt. Becau...

  • Nxt [CORE]: Monetary System

    Nxt [CORE]: Monetary System

    Nxt’s Monetary System allows users to create new decentralized currencies on top of the secured Nxt ...

  • Nxt [CORE]: Marketplace

    Nxt [CORE]: Marketplace

    Nxt Marketplace (formerly known as the Digital Goods Store, or DGS) is a decentralized mall created ...

  • Nxt [CORE]: Asset Exchange

    Nxt [CORE]: Asset Exchange

    The Asset Exchange (AE) is NXT’s built-in decentralised trading engine. Using the AE you can create,...

  • Nxt [CORE]: Arbitrary Messages

    Nxt [CORE]: Arbitrary Messages

    The Arbitrary Message (AM) feature enables Nxt users to send small amounts of data to the Nxt blockc...

  • Nxt [CORE]: Alias system

    Nxt [CORE]: Alias system

    The Alias feature was released with block 22,000, on 22nd of December 2013. Aliasing is a decentrali...

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